Nature Scavenger Hunt

Today we went to Ford Nature Center in Mill Creek Metroparks and participated in a digital scavenger hunt.  The participants were given a list (they had an “”easier” list with more common items as well as a challenging one with rare or unusual items).  Most of the hikers were adults, but there was one other group that had three kids.  It turned out that we knew one of the kids from our playgroup, and her friend had on a jacket from our gym, where she took classes until this year.  The kids hit it off pretty quickly and we ended up going together around the Nature Center.

We opted for the “easier” list, since we weren’t sure what to expect.  I also got a copy of the challenging one in case we decided to try it out at our woods here at home another time.


Our hunt included the following items:

  • Acorn
  • Feather
  • Yellow Maple Leaf
  • Red Leaf
  • Pine Cone (big)
  • Animal Hole
  • Moss
  • Worm
  • Pine Cone (small)
  • Caterpillar
  • Grasshopper
  • Stick shaped like the letter Y
  • Sow bug (roly poly)
  • Shelf Fungi
  • Scat (animal droppings)
  • Spider Web
  • Creek
  • 2 different types of birds
  • Flower
  • Something you think is beautiful

We found almost everything on our list except the caterpillar, grasshopper and sow bug.  We find those a lot in our own yard, but we must have been doing too much walking around to find them on this hike.

S9 took the camera she got from Nana earlier this year. O7 borrowed her dad’s camera, and I took my big digital to play around with it.

Dad's camera is cool

We found moss on the roof of the nature center’s garage:


flowers right at the entrance to All People’s Trail:


red leaf:

Red leaf

S9 wanted to take a different loop on the trail by herself, so I went the opposite way with O7.

All People's Trail

our big pine cone (with our shoes for scale):

Pine cone- big

cardinal on the bird feeders behind the house:

Cardinal (male)

you can see both the male and female in this shot:

Cardinal (female)
Photographing the birds

a giant worm at the entrance to the trail behind the nature center:

Big worm

stick shaped like a “Y”

Stick shaped like a Y

spider web:

Spider Web

We finished All People’s Trail and decided to take the trail behind the nature center down to the creek. S9 finally agreed to walk with us.

Path behind FNC

some wildflowers behind the nature center:

Wildflowers behind FNC

Photographing the flowers

we found two logs on the ground with tons of shelf fungi. i took quite a few photos of these as they are one of my favorites.

Shelf fungi

Shelf fungi close up

Shelf fungi

We hooked up with the other kids at this point and spent the rest of the hunt walking with them. We walked down to the creek, followed a culvert, then crossed the road below the nature center and followed it back up along the creek to where we started.


The kids had a lot of fun and found several more worms, which led to some general silliness and lots of screams when S9 draped one over the pen that was in her mouth.

Even more worms

They also found a newt, which was equally squeal-worthy:




It was a great day just to be outside and we had a really nice hike.


O7 & K on the path

Under the bridge

Dry culvert

Scoping out the culvert

It’s hard to see, but there’s a while feather in the left center of this photo:


Our second bird was a duck:

Ducks on the creek

And everyone agreed that the creek was something beautiful.

Checking out the creek



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