Plaster Action Figures Class 1 of 4

Today we went to the first of four classes at the Butler entitled “Plaster Action Figures”.  The kids are creating a plaster-over-foil sculptured figure, which will be positioned in a “setting” (made of a drawn scene on paper folded to represent three planes).  This is inspired by and in the style of George Segal.  Some of Mr. Segal’s work is on exhibit at the Butler, including one piece which is very sentimental for our industrial hometown, called The Steelworkers.


In today’s class, the kids made their aluminum foil forms, then began sketching the scenes each “action figure” will eventually occupy.

Here is O7’s sculpture form (figure on the right):


She did not want to disclose her subject yet, so I am not sure what the figure will be. She was working diligently on the scene sketch at the end of class.


It might not be obvious from this surreptitious photo, but the sketch is on a large piece of bristol board (poster board). A slit has been cut so that the paper can be folded into two sides and bottom. She has drawn each section of the background scene. I imagine they will paint them or color them in.


S9’s scene appears to have a more urban feel to it. She did not want to divulge her theme yet, either.


After class, we went to lunch in the museum’s cafe.  On the way through we got to see the Steelworkers piece, which O7 recognized immediately.

We also gave Mrs. George a souvenir we brought back from the Seattle Chihuly Gardens & Glass exhibit, which S9 and I toured during our trip there: a small book on his Macchia series.  We thought she might be able to share with future classes working on that project.



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