Violin and Piano 9-24-13

Today we are back to our regular schedule, after two weeks out on the west coast. We are still a bit jet-lagged, but got up today for an early music day.

O7 went first with violin. She was reluctant (and tired), but got through her whole lesson with no complaint. She practiced Minuet I, then Tina had her play a G scale to get ready for Etude. They played through Etude together and worked on the second half (measure 9-end) where O7 had a few rough spots.

Next, we headed to Nelya’s for piano.S9 did her lesson and worked on a performance piece, the Spider, which she will probably play in a recital next month. This will be her first recital on piano, and she seems stoked about it. She did not do any theory today because Nelya wants her to concentrate more on her performance and technical pieces.  I opted not to take a lesson today since we were not able to practice while we were gone.

In the afternoon, we did some reading. My mom recently got the girls a few graphic novels that had been on our book list: Graphic Classics: Edgar Allan Poe ; HG Wells’ The Time Machine, and Graphic Classics: H.P. Lovecraft.  We are enjoying these and the graphic format, which the girls have seen a few other times.

They are also working through the Warriors series and we are on the last disc of The Slippery Slope.  I can’t recommend the Series of Unfortunate Events books enough, especially in audio format (make sure to get the ones read by Tim Curry if you explore these!)  The story is compelling, and the writing does not assume your children are stupid, as so many children’s books are wont to do; but the thing I like most of all are the delicious and subtle word plays throughout the books.  There are so many turns of phrase and cool vocabulary words presented in the pages.  The kids don’t realize just how many interesting expressions they are learning by listening to these books, a phrase which here means Mom has no problem at all driving an extra lap around the block to get to the end of the chapter.



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