Man vs. Wild Day 1

Today S9 attended the first of four “Man vs. Wild, Jr.” camps at On Target Outfitters. There is also a regular “Man vs. Wild” camp for older kids, and it involves an overnight campout.

The kids met from 1-4 pm at the Gibson Road camp and spent the afternoon building shelters. They built one out of tarps and rope, and they also built forts out of tree blowdown. There are about 2 dozen kids in the camp, so they split up into 3 teams for their projects.

While S9 was building shelters, O7 and I were foraging for raspberries. We went to Ellsworth Berry Farm and found two nice quarts’ worth of berries.





I have big intentions of making these into jam, but it’s more likely that the kids will eat them up first.

The little farm market does not have popsicles yet, since today was one of the first days for blueberry picking.

berry farm

Here are the blueberries, just about ready for picking.

blueberries ripening

O7 and I may come back for blueberries on Thursday, while S9 is at her last day of camp.



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