Strings Concert

Tonight, O7 performed with Tina’s strings camp students in a lovely concert. She joined the other elementary students in playing the Suzuki pieces up through and including Allegro. Papa and Grandma V came to watch, as did DH and S9, Uncle R, and Aunt S. She was very excited to have everyone come to see her perform- right up until she had to sit with the other kids to wait for their turn to go up. Then she got very nervous and said she didn’t think she wanted to do it. I told her she should do it, since she told Miss Tina that she would and that it was important to keep your word. She was fine and I saw her smiling at Papa a few times from the stage area while she played.

In addition to O7’s portion, we also enjoyed arrangements of the William Tell and 1812 Overtures, plus the Bach Double played by Tina and three other college-aged students. There was a quartet, and even a saxophone solo. Tina’s husband accompanied on piano and the entire concert was a very enjoyable affair.

Afterwards, we went out to eat and then got froyo at Menchie’s to celebrate.



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