Suzuki Camp Day 6

Today was the closing concert for this year’s Suzuki strings camp in Columbus, OH. It was held at the ampitheatre just off campus.


O7 performed with the theater group (the Three Blank Pigs).  After all the other enrichment classes had performed, they started the play down.  She went up at Perpetual Motion this year.  Last year, she only played Lightly Row and Twinkle.  It is nice to see how much progress she has made in a year’s time, especially since the Suzuki method may seem slow and tedious.  We may still be in Book 1, but she has learned so much and is making great strides.  I think this camp has not only improved her skills, but I think it has also improved her self-confidence (both with violin and in general.)

After camp ended, we followed up with Mrs. Steig’s recommendation to get a new instrument for O7. Since we rent ours from the Loft, we were able to easily exchange it. She and I did that right after camp ended. To her complete and utter joy, the new instrument has backpack straps (and no wolf tone!) She was very pleased and is already looking forward to next year, when she can carry her violin on her back and ride her bike to classes.



Later that evening, we picked S9 up at the airport.  O7 really missed her and made a sign while we waited for her plane at the gate.


They were very happy to see each other.


Next year, we may look into a camp that does both strings and piano. There is one in MI called Blue Lake. It is a fine arts camp that has Suzuki camp for the first three weeks of the summer. While I loved all the people we met (and re-met) at the Columbus camp, it would be a lot of fun to go away somewhere as a family and also try something different.


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