Suzuki Camp Day 5

Today was our fifth and final full day of Suzuki string camp in Columbus, OH.  Tomorrow is the final concert, after which we will head back home.

DH sat in on all the classes today and got to see what the kids had been working on all week.  O7 was very happy and proud to have him there.  She really blossomed this week.  It was wonderful to see her come out of her shell for a bit.  We will see how/if that lasts when S9 comes back from Florida.

Theater class started with a working-together activity.  The kids had to stand in a circle, holding hands, and pass a hula hoop around the circle without letting go.  That was pretty tricky!





Then they did another mad lib, The Princess and the Blank. O7 was the princess, and Parker was the prince.


They finished up with a quick practice of what they would do at the concert the next day.  Then they all posed for a group shot (thanks, Heather!)


We went to Kodaly, then we had a little break. DH and O7 made the most of it and went for a bike ride.


Then we went to Graeter’s for after-lunch dessert.


In the afternoon, we went to Technique, then Repetoire, and finally our Master Class. Mrs. Steig was a wonderful teacher and we enjoyed her very much. Here she is with Amelia and O7.


We went to dinner, and then … went for MORE ICE CREAM. (Hey, that’s what camp is for, right?!)



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