Suzuki Camp Day 4

Today was our fourth day of Suzuki strings camp in Columbus, OH.

We started off with Theater and Kodaly orchestra. O7 liked that she did not need to bring her violin for the morning sessions. It definitely made the logistics easier for us. We went to breakfast and our two morning sessions, then we had a concert, break and lunch before the busy afternoon. There was lots of time to make a stop back at the dorm to pick up her instrument before we resumed at 2pm.

Theater class:


A shot of Kodaly in session with Mrs. Molly:


I sat through Repetoire today, unlike the other days when I went to the parent sessions. So I got this shot of Lilly,
O7, and Gideon fooling around before class began. These three were in Repetoire together last year, too, so it was a bit of a reunion.


We also had Technique and Masterclass. In Masterclass, O7 got assigned to play the first three measures (give or take) of each of her Suzuki songs with a good posture. She had to put her violin in rest position after each one. The game was to get her to practice setting it properly in the first place.

After dinner, we went with Lilly and her mom to Graeter’s for ice cream.


This is a big camp tradition, and O7 had been looking forward to it all week.



DH surprised her later that night by coming in to stay with us. So we Skyped with S9 down in FL ourselves, while he was driving. She was doing great and having a fantastic time at the pool. It didn’t sound like she missed us very much, unfortunately.



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