Suzuki Camp Day 3

Today started out much better.  O7 wore her tennis shoes to theater, and Miss Linda complimented her on them when she walked in.  That was the end of that.

In theater, the kids played a few team-building games.  First, she divided them into two groups and asked the groups to line up alphabetically by the first letter of their first name.  That was pretty easy.  Then they had to line up by the first letter of their mom’s first name.  That was much harder.  Then they lined up by the month in which they were born.  Finally, they played a game called Shazam!.  Each group had to quietly discuss amongst themselves whether they wanted to be Knights, Giants or Wizards.  Knights beat Wizards, Wizards beat Giants, and Giants beat Knights.  (Rock, paper, scissors embodied.)  O7’s group chose to be Wizards and were defeated by the other group, who had elected to be  Knights.  The next round, the Knights stayed knights, but the Wizards became Giants and beat them.    Finally, they did a few rounds of Mad Libs.  The game is played the traditional way, with Miss Linda asking the class for adjectives and numbers and interesting places; but then, while she reads the silly story, they have to act it out.  We did this last year and I can’t believe how much fun the kids have with it.  They did the Three Smelly Pigs (who lived in Bejing, Buffalo and Columbus) and the Princess and the Candy.

Next we went to Kodaly.  There was another round of Ida Red and some singing games, trying to match the pitch of a tuning note.

Getting ready for Kodaly

2013-06-12 09.05.56

After Kodaly, we attended the morning recital to hear our friends E9 and L11 play.  E9 played Allegretto and his brother played Hunters Chorus.  It was fun to watch and support someone we knew.  We sat up in the balcony with a girl named Lucy and her family.

Next, we headed back to the dorm for a break before lunch and Fun Day.  At 1, we joined the rest of the campers at Roush Hall for a Grand Concert and playdown. A playdown is when they have all the kids sit together and then everyone who knows the most advanced piece stands up to play it.  The next-most advanced piece is played and anyone who “has” (memorized) that song joins in.  The pieces get successively easier until everyone is standing and playing Twinkle en masse.  There is something unspeakably amazing about hearing Twinkle played by a huge group of Suzuki students.

The afternoon then morphed into Fun Day, with a jazzy jam session, fiddle contest, and outdoor games on the lawn.  O7 enjoyed the sprinkler with some friends, then did some sidewalk chalk and bubbles.



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