Suzuki Camp Day 2

Today was Day 2 of our Suzuki Violin camp in Columbus.

The first session, at 8AM, was theater.  O7 was very excited to have theater again this year with Miss Linda, but then we had a little shoe snafu.  Miss Linda asked O7 not to wear flip-flops again because they were not safe for the classroom activities.  O7 got very upset (embarrassed, I think) and left the group. She came over to where I was sitting and began to cry.  I took her out of the room for a bit until we were both calm, and then we watched the remainder of the class.  I was very worried that this was going to spell disaster for the rest of the day, but fortunately, that didn’t seem to be the case.

Next we went to Kodaly with Mrs. Molly.  Her class has a very kum-bay-a- feel to it, but the kids liked it a lot.  Kodaly is a method for teaching basic music theory through games, songs and other activities.  We learned “Ida Red, and Ida Blue” and a drumming call-and-response song.  It was a good transition to O7’s recital, which was next.

Here is O7 waiting for her recital to begin:

2013-06-11 10.06.05

She played Go Tell Aunt Rhody. Miss Linda was the accompanyist, which didnt’ seem to pose a problem, so that was good. O7 played well, with one stumble where she seemed to forget which part of the song she was on. That seemed to be a common theme with all of the performers. I imagine it’s very intimidating to go on stage, especially for some of the younger students who maybe have never done that before.

We had a short break, then lunch, and then we rode bikes and climbed trees for a bit with our new friend, L8. L8 lives in our town and goes to the same school as several of our old friends from ballet and Camp Fire.

2013-06-11 13.05.47

2013-06-11 13.09.39

2013-06-11 13.11.45

2013-06-11 13.12.22

O7 has just learned how to ride without training wheels, so this is a very exciting thing.

2013-06-11 13.17.46

Soon, it was time to go in for Technique class. Here they are, waiting for it to start.

2013-06-11 13.42.26

After Technique class, in which they worked on following the tempo set by the teacher (which is much slower than the one they prefer to play at!) we went to Repertoire. I sat in on the class this time.

2013-06-11 15.31.06

Mr. Farrar is the teacher for this class, and he also worked with the kids on their listening and following directions skills. This is super important for a musician, especially once you start playing with a group.

2013-06-11 15.32.04

Finally, we went to our second Masterclass. Mrs. Steig asked how we did with the coupon and with practicing Allegro. Then we worked intently on playing some of Andantino. She had O7 play the opening rhythm but with the Twinkle notes:

(on A) That sounds great
(on E) That sounds great
(on F#) That sounds great
(on E) Yeah!
(on D) That sounds great
(on C#) That sounds great
(on B) That sounds great
(on A) Yeah!

Her assignment was to play that 11 times, and then to play the first line of Andantino twice. She had O7 play the twinkle-note version once in class, and told her she only had to do it ten more times tonight. We came back to the room after dinner and did that right away. She balked at the first few repetitions, but then managed to get through the rest without complaint.

Later, we joined some other students outside for some squirt-gun fun and some tag on the lawn.


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