Year-End Writing Summary

I hate to use the term “year-end”, because we school year-round.  But for the purposes of our portfolio review, we’ll call June “year-end”.

S9 writes constantly and prolifically.  She has no trouble expressing herself on the written page.  Here are some examples from her journals:

(December 2012)

CCF05222013_00007 (Spring 2013)

Here is a novel/series she is developing, called the Kat-Kits. She has written out a list of characters:



as well as brief outline of the chapters or books:


Of course, there are elaborate drawings as well:



She has also started drawing cartoons and putting captions on her drawings.





O7 decidedly does not like writing.  It is very difficult to get her to write, even though she is very competent at it.  However, she has done several drawings and captioned them without any prompting or help with spelling.

O7 Flying Fairy

O7 Fairy Sled

O7 Fairy Beach


O7 Fairy Meadow

I did encourage O7 to keep a journal of our trips, and she will occasionally write spontaneously. Here is a recent example:

O7 Journal entry

She also likes to play Mad Libs. I love these because they cover so many things at one time: parts of speech, synonyms & antonyms, humor, and also reading for content (does the sentence make sense, even though it’s silly?). Here are a few of her word lists for a recent round of games:

O7 Mad Libs

In addition to the pen & paper writing, both girls recently got email addresses and have started corresponding electronically.  Here is an email exchange between me and O7:

Liv early email

I love that she figured out the :o) emoticon herself. I make mine the old-fashioned way, without a nose 🙂 so I don’t think she copied mine.

They also wrote invitations and thank-you cards for their respective birthdays, and thank yous for any other gifts received throughout the year.  O7 periodically writes lists for me (shopping, to-do, etc). S9 has two pen pals that she corresponds with regularly. We all participate in PostCrossing, which is an international post card exchange program. We have written and sent over 20 postcards to various parts of the world.



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