Music lessons 5-21-13

Today we went to music lessons in Canfield. S9 finished one of her practice books, and Nelya gave her an extra theory assignment because she did this week’s during her lesson.

Our piano lessons are supposed to be a half hour, but they regularly go for 45-50 minutes. I feel like we are taking advantage of the teacher. I have offered to pay more but she says no. Tina had a good suggestion: ask her if we could have 45-minute lessons.

When we got to Tina’s for O7’s violin lesson, there was a young guy there who had been one of her students. He was talking to Tina about possibly teaching for her summer strings camp. O7 got very nervous and would not play or talk while he was there. He was really nice and seemed to sense that she was uncomfortable, so he left quickly. She managed to get through the lesson okay after that. We worked on Allegro and practiced a few of the pieces from memory, since the book 1 students do not use music during the camp. Hard to believe it is just over two weeks away!



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