Just Sketching Class 2 of 2

Today Mrs. George took the kids into the Butler museum and each chose a piece to sketch. S9 chose Robert Henri’s The Little Dancer.

The Little Dancer (Robert Henri)

Her sketch:


I like that she caught the quirky smirk and the eyebrows, and also the square patch of bangs.

O7 chose to sketch a piece called Ice and Clouds by Arthur G. Dove.

Ice and Clouds

Her effort:


I found it interesting that she focused so much on the dark space between the two hill features in the center background.

This was our last art class for the season, so the kids gave Mrs. George a potted plant as a thank you. They have been taking classes with her for over three years now, and have grown very fond of their favorite art teacher. We are all excited to see what interesting things she will have in store for us when we start back up in the fall.

We celebrated the end of the “year” by going to lunch with A8, E8 and our friend V at the Piccadilly Parlour.

Later in the evening, the girls went to their gymnastics classes.  S9 has one more skill (pancake stretch) to pass before she moves on to Novice level with O7.


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