Chihuly Collection

We are in Florida visiting Grandma, and there just so happens to be a collection of Dale Chihuly’s art not far from where we are staying. As we posted before, the girls took an art class that was inspired by Dale Chihuly’s glass Macchia series, and they have been fascinated by his work ever since. So we all took a field trip to the Chihuly Collection, part of the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL, to see some of his beautiful glass pieces and learn more about his work.

The collection is extensive and involves several rooms of glass installations. We were permitted to take photographs in the collection, but they hardly do these works justice. You really need to see them in person to get the full effect.

This is a ceiling of a narrow corridor, that you walk underneath to get from one part of the collection to another. We all remarked that it made us feel like we were underwater.



One image from “Sketch Wall”:


Boats, inspired by an afternoon of tossing glass balls into a stream and local boys retrieving them in their fishing boats:


Other pieces in the final room of this collection:



Dale Chihuly Glass

Dale Chihuly glass

In addition to these pieces, we also saw a film about Chihuly’s work and saw how he sketches (using a large bottle of paint, since his dexterity is compromised from an accident). The film also showed installations in other parts of the world; we saw the features on Jerusalem and Kew Garden in London.



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