Violin and Piano

On Monday O7 did her violin lesson with Miss Tina, and then on Tuesday S8 went to piano with Nelya.

O7 had a very good lesson, and seems to be better with the anxiety. She does not care to play by herself, and often asks Tina to play along with her. If anyone else is in the room besides us, she clams up and will not play at all. This is not usually an issue (it’s usually just us anyway), but sometimes the girl whose lesson is after ours comes a bit early, and then it seems to be a disaster. Starting next month, we will be changing violin to Tuesdays so both music lessons are on the same day. So hopefully that will resolve things, although Suzuki camp in June might be another issue. We will take it one day at a time.

We leave next week for Florida, so at S8’s lesson Nelya doubled up on things to practice while we are away. She also gave S8 an extra theory assignment. Next time she sees us, S8 will be S9!



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