Clay Relief Masterpieces Class 3

Today we had our third of four “Clay Relief Masterpieces” classes at the Butler.

The kids worked on the clay reliefs and mostly finished them today.

S8’s Renoir:

2013-04-10 11.21.53

O7’s Picasso:

2013-04-10 11.22.04

They had a little extra time, so they each got to make a second clay relief of whatever they wanted. Mrs. George had them sketch in soft pencil, then they transferred their designs to a clay slab.

O7 did the ubiquitous Hello Kitty:

2013-04-10 11.20.49

S8 did a beach scene. The sign, which is intentionally cut off, says “Retro is My Style”. Here is her sketch:

2013-04-10 11.21.19

Here it is transferred onto the clay:

2013-04-10 11.21.14

They will paint their clay reliefs next week, after they’ve had a chance to dry.

After class ended, the kids drew on the chalkboard while we adults chatted.

2013-04-10 11.19.47

S8 has some pretty strong opinions about art class, apparently.

2013-04-10 11.30.50

Even the reticent O7 joined in the writing fun.

2013-04-10 11.31.14

In the evening, we attended our regular gymnastics class at OGI.



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