Piano and CMNH Class

Today S8 had her piano lesson at Nelya’s. It went very well. Thanks to her prior music experience with violin, she has already finished one of the books. She is very eager and Nelya spends a lot more than her typical 30 minutes (lessons are averaging 45 minutes each time). I want to pay her more because she is doing a lot more than we agreed on.

S8 piano lesson

Nelya’s son, T9, was home today. He and O7 entertained each other with his iPad while S8 had her lesson.


S8 had to check it out at the end, too. Like moths to a flame…


After our lesson was finished, we scooted to Pittsburgh for our science classes at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. S8 had a busy time of things. They made a model of an eyeball, which she found rather disgusting (but gamely finished anyway).

eye spy

model of eyeball

O7 did not want to go to her class. Normally, I would chuckle and shoo her in, but she seemed genuinely terrified. Her face went white and then she started to hyperventilate and cry. I do not know exactly what an anxiety attack looks like, but this seemed like one to me. We took the day off and went to the park instead.



While I very much wanted her to have the opportunity to learn in her class, it is not worth it if she gets physically ill. We went home afterwards and read about similar material in our Mammals book while S8 attended her Symphonette rehearsal.



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