Violin and Swimming 3-4-2013

Today is the last day we will have our regular violin-swim Monday schedule. After today, we have decided to take a break from swim lessons. Both girls feel (and act) very comfortable in the water, and are ready to move on to other pursuits. Also, S8 is giving up violin after the Federation performance next week and focusing on piano instead. It feels like a rather abrupt change, but she has been saying for some time now that she would prefer to play something other than violin. O7 has decided not to take piano at all, but to stick with violin instead. So I am hoping we can gravitate towards an all-music Monday (read: I would just like to drive to Canfield once a week!)

O7 has decided not to do Federation after all. She has developed a serious case of performance phobia. Not just in violin, but in practically every thing we do; she turtles up whenever the attention is on her, and will not even look at anyone. I do not know the best way to handle this, but if music and swimming and even gymnastics – all activities that she loves – are causing her anxiety, then she should probably take a break from all of them until she is ready to continue. We are definitely not doing Federation, though she will continue her lessons with Tina. The relief from that pressure was almost palpable, so I think this is an appropriate way to proceed.



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