Flexible Glass Sculptures Class 2 of 4

This morning we went to our second Flexible “Glass” Sculptures class. Our arti-stik forms from last week were nice and dry, and the kids were able to peel them off of the plastic backing and give them a little 3-D shaping. I completely forgot to snap a picture of them because we were pretty excited about the second portion of today’s class.

Inspired by Chihuly’s Macchia series, we made these little colorful bowl-shaped forms out of coffee filters. The kids colored the filters with watercolor markers, then we sprayed them with starch and draped them over the bottom of a cup to give them shape. Thanks to the spray starch, they will stay in position when we turn them back over after they’re dry.

O7 working on her Macchia piece

Spray starch

Forming the shape over a cup

Here is a finished one:

A finished piece

S8’s first two pieces:

S8's Chihuly Macchia

O7’s first two:

O7's Chihuly Macchia

Class Chihuly Macchia



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