First Piano Lesson

Today we had our first piano lesson with Nelya.  We went to her home, where she has a beautiful baby grand and a gorgeous upright Steinway.  The kids played on the Steinway, as it’s easier for them to reach from the bench and the music stand is lower.




S8 went first and blew through several pages of each of her books.  Since she plays violin and has goofed around on our piano at home, she already knows how to find middle C (and all of the other notes); plus, she can read music.  It’s just a matter of learning to read both the left and right hands simultaneously and to make your hands play together on the keyboard.  She has several things to practice for next week, which will keep her busy.

O7 clammed up when it was her turn and didn’t even want to talk to Nelya.  I sat on the piano bench and O7 stood next to me, and Nelya and I talked about the music and what I could do to help O7 at home during the week.  We acted like she wasn’t even there, and after  a few minutes she opened up and started saying a few things.  By the end of the lesson time, she was talking and laughing.  We didn’t play much piano with her, but we got her to talk and be comfortable.  I think she will be fine in a lesson or two.  I don’t want to force her to do something she doesn’t want to do, but she was begging me for piano lessons so I think this is just a little phase.

We found out that Nelya is from Uzbekistan and that she has five boys.  Two are older and three are still in school.  We had a nice talk and our hour went quickly.  Next week we will start a little earlier so she can get to a doctor’s appointment and we can get to Pittsburgh for our next CMNH class.

At home later, we received two postcards in the mail as part of our Postcrossing project. One was from Japan and the other was from Poland. We sent ones to Germany and to Russia in return.



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