Violin 2-25-13

This morning we went to violin lessons.

First, Tina reviewed some theory practice tests with the kids. They are doing theory at Federation and this was a chance for them to see what kinds of questions would be on their exam. They did well. The only problems they had were with misunderstanding what the question was asking. For example, in one question there were 3 quarter notes given, and you were supposed to write the beats underneath. S8 wrote “1” under each (correct, since a quarter note gets 1 beat in 3/4 time.) But the correct answer was “1, 2, 3”, because that’s how you would count the whole measure. So now she knows and will be able to do it correctly next time.

We worked on bow holds.  Here is Tina, demonstrating her “professional” bow hold:


and here is S8, with her very best bow hold:


Next, O7 worked very hard on her fiddle tune. She has started stumbling over one particular measure and now she’s got to unlearn it and learn it again correctly.

We did not have swimming as Miss Julie was sick today.



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