Let’s Zoo Science 2-21-13

Today we attended Zoo Science at the Akron Zoo.  The topic was conservation and extinction.

In class, the kids played a game where they were each a different type of animal, and they had to find “food” (note cards scattered around the room).  The first round there were lots of cards (food) and everyone had plenty.  The next round, Ms. Deb took away some of the cards.  Everyone still got some, but much less.  Each subsequent round there was less food, until some kids weren’t getting any at all.  It made them think a lot about disappearing habitat and other stressors on wildlife.

They also got to see the red panda and one of the large birds up close, among their other activities.

O7's Zoo Postcard

S8's Zoo Postcard

Afterwards, we stopped for lunch in Cuyahoga Falls.  We have been hearing radio ads for a cafe called Flury’s for some time now, and figured we would check it out.  It turned out to be a really cute little diner and we had some really good spinach salad (mamas) and mac & cheese (kiddos). Well worth the little detour. (Note: they only accept cash!)





On the way home, we drove through the campus of Akron University.  We read that there is a Dale Chihuly sculpure on campus and decided to try to find it.  It was magnificent!



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