CMNH Class: Week 2

Today we attended the second of six classes in the Spring 2013 series at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  We missed week 1 since we were at Kalahari for our homeschool conference.

O7’s class is called “Animal Adventures”. 


When I dropped her off, they were looking at meal worms under a microscope.


S8’s class is called “Eye Spy”.  Today, they dissected a calf’s eyeball and looked at it under a microscope.  S8 was a little squeamish about it.  I regret mentioning it to her ahead of time, because she has been dwelling on the eyeball issue for a few weeks.  But she got through it and even wrote a little note about measuring eyeball sizes in class.  Next time, they get to look at a squid eyeball.  I think she was hoping they were done with eyeballs.


Eye spy class #2

2013-02-19 14.25.42.jpg

In the evening, S8 went to her Symphonette rehearsal.  She is a lot more optimistic about the music this time.  I think her sight-reading skills have really taken off and it’s helping her manage the sheer volume of music.  In her Suzuki lessons, we only work on a few short pieces at a time.  She has six lengthy (and difficult) pieces for Symphonette.  But not having to memorize it all takes a lot of the pressure off and makes it more enjoyable.


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