Violin and Swimming 2-18-13

This morning we took our violin lesson a half-hour late as our teacher had a doctor’s appointment. The kids are still working on polishing their Federation pieces. In addition to her two required pieces, S8 also ran through Kashmir (Symphonette music) and worked on Minuet II. She is going to start Minuet III next week. O7 did some work on her fiddle piece. She has a difficult measure that she tends to stumble through. She and Tina played it together several times until she got it straight.

After a fast lunch in the car, we went to swimming. S8 is continuing to work on endurance. O7 had a little difficulty at the end of the lesson. She wasn’t trying very hard and Julie asked her if something was wrong. Somehow, O7 interpreted this as Julie was angry with her and she completely shut down. She ended up getting out of the pool and sitting with me until the hour was over. Not sure what that was all about, but hopefully it was a phase and will be forgotten by next week. Julie was very understanding about it and said she would work with us however we needed to.


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