Violin and Swimming 2-11-13

Today we had our usual Monday routine of violin and swim lesson.

At Tina’s this morning, O7 went first and worked on her Federation pieces. She has the May Song memorized and is playing it quite well. The fiddle tune (Camptown Races) is pretty good, but she has been omitting a quarter note just before the repeat. She needs to remember that there’s a slight variation the second time through. She and Tina also played around with the Orange Blossom and Devil’s Dream fiddle tunes. I think O7 will do the fiddle contest at Suzuki camp again this year.  Meanwhile, I am going to start playing the piano parts of the Federation pieces with her so she can practice them with accompanyment.

S8 went next and worked on her two Federation pieces. She also worked a little bit on Minuet II. Next week, she is going to start Minuet III.

At swimming, there was a bit of a discussion over who would go first. We decided O7 would go first and that there would be no arguing with Miss Julie about it. O7 worked on dolphin kicks and moved on to butterfly. Then S8 had her turn. She did some endurance drills- four 25s, each one progressively faster. She’s in good shape to do swim team this summer if we decide to do that.

S8’s Word of the Week:

Hy-POC-ritism    😉



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