Kalahari Day 5

Today was the last full day of our time here at the Kalahari. It was an awesome day, though. But, really, how on earth could a day that starts off with a giant Nerf War be anything but absolutely awesome?



This is the third year for the Nerf War. It’s hosted by a really clever kid named Paxton. I think Paxton is about 15 or 16 now, which means he was about 12-13 when he organized the first one. His Nerf War is the best-attended funshop and probably ranks up there with the family dance in terms of total participants. It is a Major Event. As such, it’s held in the ballroom. I cannot think of a better use for a large, open space.

Paxton has thought of pretty much everything. This year, participants were asked to wear a red or blue shirt (and bring one of the other color just in case). They had to have eyewear (he thoughtfully had some pairs of safety glasses for sale, cheap) and they had to have a blaster with their name on it. He organized a course and provided the darts.

Here are S8 and DH, along with some other Red Shirts, waiting for the darts to be distributed.




The first two rounds were games of Last Man Standing. This was a free-for-all and, as promised, it went quickly. These people have all been shot out:


Then there were several rounds of Team Last Man Standing, which was fun. The Red Shirts won most of the time.


There were also games of Capture the Flag, and apparently S8 had a very heroic moment when the Red Flag was caught by a Blue Shirt, and she shot him and recovered the flag for her team. Woot!

O7 and I sat out, as I wanted to (a) film the proceedings and (b) attend a lecture in another room mid-way through the War. When I came back they were still going strong, but everyone was sweating. It was great.

After the Nerf War ended, we decided to get lunch. We went to The Reserve and had stir-fry. Then we got dressed and headed down for our last afternoon of waterpark fun.

We re-discovered our favorite ride, the Swahili Swirl. It’s basically a ride down a ginormous toilet. Four people get on a raft, you go into this chute that spirals around a few times, and finally you get flushed into a pool of water. It’s fun and even meek O7 wanted to go several times. We caught up with a girl named May that we had met the night before, and rode down a few times with her. We also hung out in the hot tub and did some waves. S8 and S7 met up again. We also saw A7 and her mom (her dad had gone back home early). It was a blast.

Around 5:30, all the kids decided they were getting hungry, so we headed back and got cleaned up. I cooked dinner in our room: bacon and eggs, fruit, bagels. Yes, that was dinner.

At 8, we met everyone back down in the conference center for the talent show. A7 did a dance called “Life of the Party”. She was great. S8 did a dance to the “Eagle Song”. She was also great. O7 was a fabulous spectator.


Of course, there was a Gangnam Style dance-along.


But no shufflin’. Sigh.

We stayed until May and her parents had each performed. May played a piano piece, her mom did some stand-up comedy, and her dad taught us a complicated West African drumming song. What a talented family!

After the talent show, we said goodbye to May and went with A7 and her mom up to the ice cream shop. We sat around and ate our ice cream and chatted. It was really nice, but everyone was getting super tired. We were all crashing, hard. I was having a difficult time keeping my eyes open. All too soon, our time here had ended. But that’s okay- we are already looking forward to next year!



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