Tunnel Books Class 3 of 3

Today we finished up our tunnel books class at the Butler Institute of American Art with Mrs. George.  They came out absolutely great.

S8’s effort is of the Kat Kits, some cat-esque characters she made up some time ago. They appear in her stories and drawings frequently and have very unique personalities.

S8's Tunnel Book

O7 did a forest scene. Here, she is showing off with her goofy friend, E8.

O7's Tunnel Book (with friend, E)

After class, we went for lunch at BK so the kids could run around a bit. I sat with A8 and E8’s moms and we talked about– what else– the kids.

In the evening, we went for our regular gymnastics class. O7 was with the preteam for the first hour, then S8’s class joined them on the floor for the second hour.

After dinner, the girls and I started Farmer Boy, second in the Little House series.  We finished up Little House in the Big Woods the other day.  They are constantly begging me to read these.



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