Good Reading Leads to Good Writing

When no one tells you how something is supposed to be done, you don’t have a preconceived notion about how to do it.  You feel free to explore your medium- whether it’s art, music, or writing, just to name a few- with no inhibitions.

That’s not to say that you can create good art or writing or music in a vacuum.  You need to grow up immersed in it, or at least be exposed to quality examples of it.  But in the early years, that should be done in the form of appreciation, not formal study.  When you learn something “formally”, you get caught up in the mechanics and miss the art.  You can’t see the forest for the trees, so to speak.

My kids have been reading since they were born.  Well, I read to them when they couldn’t read themselves, but they have grown up surrounded by books.   They love to read and, as such, they’ve learned how to write.  They’ve seen enough good examples of writing that they can comfortably explore doing their own.

Today, S8 wanted to type a story on my computer so she could print it out.  Here is an exact cut-and-paste of what she wrote.  It’s not finished, and it’s not edited, but it’s impressive (in my opinion).  This is the first time she’s ever used a word-processor.  I’ve never ever told her about how to write dialogue or where to put commas, but she’s done a darn good job of it because she’s seen it so many times.  I’m not sure why it’s all one paragraph, but it will be easy to talk about paragraphs.  Next time, she can put those in.  There are some other stylistic things an editor would likely change, but editors would likely change a lot of what I write, too.  For a first effort, I think it’s really darn good.


In the forest, animals thrive. But these animals, prey and predator, are friends. Welcome, to the animals world! Kenya is a deer. She likes plants. She can be shy sometimes, but her friends love her. Randy is a raccoon. He goes out at night to find trash in our trash cans. Frenchie is a fox. She is a carnivore, but never would hunt her friends. Simon is a squirrel. He hunts for nuts all year, exept for winter.

Now we will hear our new friends latest adventure!


Simon came out of his tree, and scampered down. “I wonder if any fresh nuts are in the big oak tree!”

he said. He ran to the big oak tree. The scent of acorns filled his nose.”Ahhhhhhhh! Fresh acorns!”

Then Kenya wandered over to Simon.”Hi, Simon. I heard lots of acorns are disappearing! I wonder who is taking them and where?” she said. “What?” said Simon. “That’s ridiculous! How could acorns be disappearing? It’s impossible!” “Oh, yes it’s possible! You haven’t heard that my garden was trampled? Well, it was. This morning i went out to eat some hosta, my favorite, i found it was stomped on by someone.” said Kenya. “ Why don’t we go tell the others?” said Simon. “ Alright, Simon.” “ We can tell the others to help us find out just who did it.” said Kenya. When they got to Frenchie’s, Simon called, “Frenchie!” “ What? I’m in the back!” came Frenchie’s reply. They went around the house and found Frenchie and Randy. “ We need you guys to help us find out who trampled my garden and who’s taking acorns from the big oak tree.” said Kenya. “ I think i know someone who can help. “ said Randy. “But, he lives in the big oak tree. He doesn’t show himself often, and you can rarely see his shadow, much less himself in person.” The others were astounded. “How do you know so much about him when we rarely see his shadow, much less himself?” asked a suprised Kenya. “That,” said Randy, “ is because he, my friends, is my brother.” “WHAT?” asked the others. They were amazed! After that, they headed for the big oak tree. “Robert! It’s Randy! Come on out!” “ What do you – WHAT? You brought friends? Don’t you know i don’t like being seen?” said Robert. Randy called, “I need you to tell me: are you taking a whole bunch of acorns from the big oak tree a day?”



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