Violin and Swimming 1-21-13

Today we had our usual violin and swimming lesson day.

In the morning, we went to Tina’s for violin. S8 went first. She showed Tina a song she had written over the week. I didn’t realize she had actually composed a piece! Tina was wonderful and treated her just like she would another adult who had composed something. She played the piece for S8, asked honest questions about things she wasn’t sure of, and offered a few suggestions for notation. It was very collaborative and I was really impressed with the entire exchange.

S8 ran through her federation pieces and then did Minuet II, the most advanced piece she’s working on (she’s still polishing the Minuet I and Andantino pieces in the meanwhile). She needs to work on her A and G scales. Also, she rushes through the tag ending of her fiddle piece and trips over her own fingers. She needs to practice slowly until she masters it technically, and then she can work on increasing her tempo.

O7 went next. She did her required Federation piece and worked on scales. She did not run through her fiddle tune this week but she is pretty comfortable with it.

We went to Peaberry’s for a quick lunch before swimming. S8 wasn’t really keen to go, but I didn’t want fast food and O7 really hoped for more ravioli soup. We ended up seeing Natalie B, another violin student, there. S8 decided it wasn’t such a bad place after all.  The girls spent some time checking out Nat’s iPod and a new Littlest Pet Shops app.

At swimming, we enjoyed a longer-than-usual session. One of the girls we used to dance with at BWR came with her sister, who has the lesson before ours. We stayed an extra hour to let the girls have a chance to play. It was great and they really enjoyed their reunion.



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