Math Games and a Tour Eiffel

Today in our math work O7 was supposed to play a game of “Making Ten”. This is a simple card game where you remove the 10s and J, Q, Ks from the deck and use the remaining cards to make sums of ten. To play, place one each of the A, 2, 3, 4 & 5 on the center of the table. Deal five of the remaining cards to each player, and place the leftover cards in a pile facedown next to the center cards. First player can play any card in her hand on a card in the center that will make ten. For example, a 9 can be placed on the A (worth 1); an 8 can go on the 2, etc. Play continues in this manner until someone is out of cards. If you cannot play a card on your turn, draw two from the pile. I can’t believe how much they like playing this simple game. It is a lot like Sunya, but easier to set up.


We also worked on some items for the kids to display at the Kids Marketplace during our upcoming homeschool conference. The girls made bookmarks with craft (popsicle) sticks, glitter glue and construction paper. They have also made some little blank journals, mini journals, and even a photo frame. We need to think of a name for our little business venture and make a sign. I have a stack of posterboards and will have to remember to put a few in our luggage.

Later, we worked on O7’s Eiffel Tower puzzle, a 3-D model that one of her friends gave her at our recent Paris-themed birthday party. The puzzle/model was not that hard to figure out, but it was a little tricky in spots. It came out great, though. Now they have an Eiffel Tower for their LPS figures to visit. How fun, for the Pets to hang out in Paris!


Tonight we are headed to Open Gym for a few hours of activity. It will be good for them to have some time to burn off some energy. Between the weather and being sick, we’ve been confined to the house for a while now.



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