Violin 1-17-13

Today we had our weekly violin lesson, rescheduled from Monday. First, the girls did a little practice test for the theory exam at Federation. S8 is going to do Level 2 Theory. O7 is going to do Level 1. The test involves placing notes on the staff (both treble and bass clefs); identifying “skips” (level 1) or seconds and thirds (level 2); identifying quarter or whole notes (level 1); drawing sharps and flats (level 2). Tina gave S8 a book of manuscript paper so she could practice writing notes on the staff.



S8 played first and went over some of the symphonette music, then worked on her Federation pieces. Then O7 went and ran through her two pieces, plus two other fiddle tunes. For homework, we are to find one of the theory tests online and practice it, then S8 is supposed to write out the G major scale.


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