Young Historians Club, Session 2

Today was the second meeting of the 2012-13 “Young Historians Club”.

S8 forgot her folder, which contained all the memory cards she worked on from the last meeting.  She was very upset to discover she had left it on the bar at home.  But it was a good lesson for her about being responsible, and she ended up not really needing it for today’s class.  Fortunately, she had remembered her box of supplies.

Today’s topic was “Our Constitution”, and they focused on the actual document.  (Last month’s program focused on the men who wrote the Constitution.)  They learned about the articles and also the Electoral College.  Their homework is to make a flip book of the Bill of Rights.  I also have to print off a copy of the Constitution for her to put in the folder.

Next month’s topic will be “The Commander In-Chief”.

After Young Historians, we took O7 up to her gym class.  She had a proper leotard to wear tonight and was very eager to go.  I think S8 was a little bit jealous, but she managed to suffer through.  I let her play some Sudoku on my phone as a consolation prize.  She picked it up pretty quickly and now I think she’s hooked- just like her mother.



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