Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas for my husband’s family, who are Serbian Orthodox.  We went to our regular violin and swim lessons, then headed over to the inlaws’ for family dinner.

At violin, the kids changed around which pieces they are doing for Federation.  We decided not to do a duet, since they are already doing theory tests and solos.  I don’t want to overwhelm them and make it miserable, especially since we have a pretty full schedule the next few months.  So to clarify, O7 will be playing May Song as her required piece and a fiddle version of Camptown Races as her choice.  S8 will be playing Andantino for her required piece and Skip to My Lou, another fiddle tune, as her choice.

At swim lessons, the girls tried out the new shorty flippers and swim goggles they got for Christmas (the December one).  The shorty flippers look like this:

Water Gear short training swim fins


My sister got them the goggles, which they love.  S8 is also down with the fins, but O7’s not too sure about those.  She says they make her legs tired.  (That’s kind of the point.)  Julie had her swim a 25 with them on anyway.  It was good for her.

At my inlaws’ house later, the kids and their cousins took turns reading out loud about the shepherds hanging outside the stable where baby Jesus was.  The shepherds had burned logs to keep warm (since it was a cold winter’s night, natch).  In the Serbian Orthodox tradition, burning the Yule log is considered lucky.  FIL had some dry branches for the kids to toss into the woodburner in a little ceremony that I’m pretty sure he improvised for the occasion.  He had them each say something toast-like (“for a happy new year!” or “for good luck!”) as they threw in their sticks.  The sticks crackled and flared in the fire, thanks to the very dry leaves on each one.  It was fun for them and a neat way to celebrate.




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