Little House in the Big Woods

For some reason, though I’ve read them all, I never remembered that Little House on the Prairie was not the first book in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s iconic series.   It’s actually the second book (unless you count Farmer Boy, in which case it’s the third book published).  Sheesh.  Good thing I am revisiting this beautiful and timeless series by reading it out loud with the kids.

Book 1

My sister gave the girls a box set of the Little House books for Christmas.  Since it’s cold and dark and wintry outside this time of year, it seemed like the perfect time to crack open the set and read them together.  We periodically do read-together chapter books, but the kids are such adept readers (and reading big chapter books, series of them, on their own already) that it’s becoming less common in our routine.  I was a little concerned that they would not be interested in having me read out loud to them, but as soon as the first few lines came out they were rapt and attentive.  We chugged through two chapters tonight, and would have kept going except I’ve got a sore throat and needed a break.  They are already begging to read more tomorrow night.
In other news, we did an extra math lesson today (Sunday). Since we plan to attend the week-long homeschool conference at Kalahari next month, I offered to do five extra lessons with the kids between now and then in exchange for leaving our math books behind when we go. They were pretty keen on that idea, natch!


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