New Year Math

We took a couple of weeks off to enjoy the holidays and visit with family that was in town, but yesterday we got right back on the math wagon.  In the Saxon series, every tenth lesson is an assessment.  Of course, we left off in December having just finished a ninth lesson, so our new year started with a test.  I was pleased to see that both girls scored 100% on their respective assessments.  The lessons are pretty easy for them, and much of what we are doing is stuff they have already been exposed to in some capacity.  For example, S8 recently had a lesson on reading the thermometer to the nearest ten degrees, and couldn’t understand why they would want her to do that rather than to just record the actual temperature- which she’s been doing for years.  But that’s okay; it opened up a dialogue about rounding and “general” data reporting (i.e. saying it’s 70 degrees out, rather than 71; or saying that it’s 10 minutes after 4 when the clock reads 4:12.)

Their biggest challenge, each of them, is simply doing their math facts.  Every lesson includes a timed drill of 25 problems.  S8 has 45 seconds and O7 has 1 minute to complete as many problems as they can.  They both know their addition facts, but have a hard time finishing the sheets in the alloted time.  Honestly, I think it is more an issue of not being able to write fast enough than it is a question of knowing the facts.  But I think it’s great that we have those drills each day to reinforce those skills.



It’s also nice that the cat is available to supervise. 😉

S8 is working on a project for her Young Historians Club, which started meeting last month. They are making a matching game involving the founding fathers. There are names in there I’m only vaguely aware of.




In physical activity news, O7 was invited to join the “Pre-Team” class at her gym. This class is for 6 and 7 year olds and involves two days a week at the gym instead of one. In addition, the classes are now 2 hours long instead of 1. We held off last year, but decided to let her go ahead with it starting this week. She seems to be having some confidence issues and I am hoping that striking out on her own, without Big Sister overshadowing her all the time, will help develop her sense of self. It will also be an opportunity for me to hang out with S8 while Little Sister is in class. There is a coffee shop not far from the gym where I sense S8 and I will be doing math on a regular basis.  S8 will still attend her regular gymnastics class once a week, in addition to their weekly swim lessons.



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