Arms Family Museum

Today my sister-in-law and I took the kids to the Arms Family Museum. This is an historic house on Wick Avenue in Youngstown. It was given to the Mahoning Valley Historical Society to preserve local history and artifacts about the origins of the Mahoning Valley.



This time of year, the house is decorated with elaborate holiday trimmings and many of the regular house exhibits are not visible. But on the second floor, the hands-on history museum is still open, and the kids got to do a “scavenger hunt” leading them through the history of the valley. They learned about how the land was settled, who the prominent people were of the time, and saw how and why many immigrants chose to come here.


My SIL took S8 and I took O6, and we helped them with the scavenger hunt. It was really interesting.  She and I both learned a lot right along with the kids.



Afterwards, we went to the basement where there are children’s exhibits set up. Old fashioned toys, coloring pages, craft supplies, and art materials are available for the kids to explore.






We are definitely planning to come back again after the holidays to get another look at the museum and play in the basement.

In the evening, the kids went to gymnastics for their hour-long weekly class.



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