Holiday Concert with YSO

Today was the kids’ big day- they performed a Christmas piece with the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra during the annual Holiday Pops concert. It was a real experience for them. Public performance aside, having a chance to play with a big symphony and under a renowned conductor was just amazing.

In the early afternoon, they went to a run-through (read: dress) rehearsal at the concert hall. It went very well, and helped them get out any butterflies they might have before the big night.

Here they are, tuning with Miss Tina and some of the other musicians in the green room, before the run-through:


Backstage, waiting to go on:


The group as they will look tonight:


Grandma and Grandpa came to see the rehearsal, along with Dad and Uncle Eric.


After rehearsal, we went home to get some supper and change clothes. Our friend from Italy, Michele, was in town, and he joined us for dinner and then came to the show.

Here are some of the ladies with Miss Tina, ready to go on stage:


The group:


The concert was a great success. After our kids performed “Stompin’ On The Housetop”, Mr. Fleischer (the YSO conductor) commented to the audience that all the YSO musicians were just like the kids once. Everyone starts somewhere.



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