Let’s Zoo Science and Gymnastics

Today we went to the last of the 2012 LZS classes at the Akron Zoo.  The kids studied animals that were adapted to cold weather (penguins, snow leopards, etc) and went into the zoo to see a few of them up close.  The zoo’s snow leopard had two cubs earlier this year and they were out, being quite playful.  The kids also made a 3-D paper penguin in the class as a craft.

On the way home from Akron, we stopped and picked up DH and took him to a late lunch.   Then we dropped him back off at the plant where he was working that day.  We had about an hour before gymnastics, so I took the kids to a fast-food place to play while I sat with a cup of coffee.  Finally, it was time for gymnastics.  We counted 12 stickers for O6 and 15 for S8.  Coincidentally, O6 got a letter from the gym in the mail the day before, saying she was invited to move up to the pre-competitive class for 6 & 7 year olds.  We are going to hold off until after the holidays and see how our schedule is before committing to four hours a week in the gym, though.

In the evening, we all went to the Mayan Calendar lecture at YSU.

2012-11-15 18.53.12



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