Violin and Swimming 11-12-12

This morning we went to violin at Miss Tina’s. O6 went first and worked on her Suzuki music. While she practiced, I read some essays that had been published in various back issues of a Suzuki parent-teacher magazine. They were inspiring. We sometimes (often) struggle with practice and the kids occasionally (frequently) give me a hard time about doing it.  Two essays in particular rung home.  In one, a teacher described how a student’s mother had him practice while she cooked dinner, which gave the suggestion that the practice was a chore and not very important. The teacher said that the parent needed to set aside time to help the child with his practice and to give it her full attention, so that he would, too. The other essay had a strong suggestion that the kids to listen to their music CD frequently. If they don’t repeatedly hear the right way to play a piece (or, better said, if they don’t repeatedly hear a piece played well) then all they ever hear is themselves playing it, and they won’t know what to strive for.

S8 went next and worked on her symphonette music. She is working really hard on Donegal Fiddles and Marengua, both of which are challenging pieces. Her confidence is really starting to improve, and with that, her playing.

After a quick lunch at Panera we went to swimming. S8 went first and again worked on her endurance. She swam several lengths of the pool in freestyle and backstroke, then worked a little more on her breathing techniques. She is learning to smooth out her head turn and to breathe without slowing her stroke.

O6 went next and worked on dives and also on breast stroke.



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