Annie and Gymnastics

Today we went to see a local production of the musical Annie at the DeYor.  The kids knew a few people in the show, including the artistic director of their old ballet school.  It was fun seeing her and the rest of the cast in the show.  They did a great job, and we have a lot to talk about now, including what a Hooverville and the New Deal are.

In the afternoon we did math (S8 finished lesson 17 and O6 finished 16); then the kids went to gymnastics.  We did not practice violins today- oops.

At gymnastics, they started out on the uneven bars and worked on those for nearly a third of the class.  S8 got a blister on her palm and completely cracked.  She ran into the bathroom and rinsed her hand, then came out and cried for a few minutes.  But then the class moved on to floor work, and she was able to regain her composure and rejoin them.  O6 also had a little blister, but it wasn’t as bad.

Tomorrow we have art and violin group.  It’s supposed to be a nice day, so I hope we can get to the Handbook of Nature Study and our nature journals for a little while before we head out.



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