CMNH Science Class: Week 3

Today the kids attended their third of six science classes at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

In O6’s class, they learned more about the importance of the Nile River and talked about hieroglyphs.  They wrote their names in hieroglyphs (a cartouche) and did an experiment on river deltas.  They also made a musical necklace called a Menat (or menit).




In S8’s Rockhounds class, they talked about crystal facets and the different polyhedrons that crystals can form. They made models of some of the polyhedrons, including a tetrahedron and octahedron, and then S8’s big tour de force: the icosahedron!






She also got a piece of copper for her egg carton. (The egg carton is a collection of mineral and other samples relevant to this geology class.)

In the evening, S8 went to Symphonette practice. Miss Tina was helping her and she came out very excited to have been able to play a lot more than the previous week. All of her hard work is starting to pay off!



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