Violin and Swimming 11-5-12

Today we were back to our usual Monday schedule of morning violin and afternoon swimming.

S8 went first at violin and had a rather long lesson, almost 40 minutes.  She worked on everything: symphonette music, Christmas piece, and Suzuki book.  She was pretty tired at the end but got through.  O6 worked on her Suzuki songs again, too.  She is still getting used to her 1/4 size violin and playing old familiars helps with placing the fingers on the fingerboard properly.  She also worked on the Christmas piece.  We will meet with the group this Friday for another rehearsal.

At swimming, O6 went first and did some freestyle and worked on breast stroke.  She almost has it down, but has to work on the timing.  S8 worked on endurance.  She swam an eighth mile (9 x 25 yd lengths of the pool) in various competitive strokes.  Her choices were mostly backstroke and freestyle, but she did do one length of breast stroke.  She ended her lesson by working on butterfly.



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