WeDo Math, Violin and LEGO!

Today we worked on our math.  Yesterday S8 finished lesson 15 and had a test.  O6 is one lesson behind, so she had her lesson 15 and test today.  We really like the Saxon math program.  I like the repetition and the fact that we are regularly revisiting earlier material so it doesn’t get “forgotten”.  We do an activity with the calendar, clock and thermometer every day.  We also do a pattern of the day and use a lot of manipulatives to keep it interesting. 



There are a few things I don’t care for, like the “some, some more” concept of addition, which I find totally superfluous since both kids already know how to add and subtract two-digit numbers.  But we gloss over the few things that are fluffy and concentrate on the big concepts. While one girl is doing math with me in the kitchen, the other one practices her violin in the living room.  We knock out both of those in less than an hour, which leaves us the rest of the day to do reading, writing activities, and other things… like LEGO!

I’m really excited about the LEGO WeDo.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we bought these some time ago, but never got into them.  The timing is perfect, though.  They have already built a complex model with DH:

The Excavator has a remote control, but not computerized programming.

Now, they’ll have a chance to combine a mechanical process with computer programming.  This means we can start thinking about robots!


Today, we went through the “Getting Started” sections on gears.  We learned about the drive gear, follower gear, and about idler gears.  We also learned gearing up and gearing down.



Next time, we will learn about pulleys.



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