Symphonette 10-30-12

S8 went to symphonette practice again today.  She has expressed several times that she does not care for violin, but it’s for reasons like “I have to stand up the whole time” or “I get tired of practicing every single day”.  I always explain to her that it’s part of school and not negotiable.  And when we do things like Suzuki camp or concerts, she beams like a lightbulb and tells me she loves violin.

Today, I asked her to run through her symphonette music in anticipation of tonight’s rehearsal.  She gave me some grief about it, so I asked her to make me a list of 10 things she liked about symphonette and then to run through her music.

She had a tough time coming up with 10 good things about symphonette, but I helped and she finally came up with a [weak] list.  It included things like “my little sister isn’t there”, “mom isn’t there to tell me to practice”, and “I get to sit down”.  But hopefully, it will help her learn that we often have to do things we aren’t excited about, and that one can choose to look on the bright side (or choose to be miserable!)