Violin 10-29-12

This morning we went to violin practice at Miss Tina’s. S8 went first, and worked on her symphonette music. She finds it very challenging and gets somewhat frustrated by the pace and difficulty. However, Miss Tina encouraged her to stick with it and play as much as she could. It will get easier the more she plays and practices.

O6 went next, and she worked on some of her old Suzuki songs. She played Go Tell Aunt Rhody and O Come Little Children. She is still getting used to the bigger violin. She also worked on Stompin On The Housetop. She has made a lot of progress with that piece.
Our swimming instructor called just before the violin lesson ended and cancelled for today.  Neither her car nor her furnace would start, so she needed to take care of those this afternoon.  We didn’t mind; it was a dreary and gloomy day, good for curling up with a book.  We stopped at the post office and mailed birthday cards to Uncle R.J. in Washington, then went home and did just that.