American Pie Class 2 of 3

In today’s art class, the kids finished sculpting their “American Pie” pieces. They’ll paint them at our next class in two weeks.

Here is S8’s raw sculpture:

S8's American Pie

Clockwise from top left, we have a daddy bald eagle holding an American flag; the Statue of Liberty; the letters “U” “S” “A”, and a baby bald eagle.

O6’s sculpture:

O6's American Pie

Clockwise from top left: Seattle Space Needle, Saturn Five rocket, Olympic rings, American pizza.

Another view and a closeup of the rocket:

O6's American Pie

Detail of O6's Saturn Five rocket

They finished sculpting early, so Mrs. George gave the girls some paper, pencil and oil pastels to sketch with. I bought some oil pastels for home and they are just loving them. The colors are super vivid and you can blend them easily.

Working on some extra sketches at BIAA

S8's new favorite media: oil pastels