Violin and Swimming 10-22-12

This morning we went for our violin lesson. The girls’ new instruments came from The Loft over the weekend, and this was the first time they really had a chance to play them. O6’s is a size larger, so she has to get used to the heavier weight and wider finger spacings. Miss Tina had her play some of her old Suzuki songs so she could get up to speed with the new instrument. She also worked a bit on the Christmas concert music.

S8 is still in a half size but now she has her own instrument, rather than borrowing one from Lee. She seems happy about that. She worked very hard on Symphonette music and also the Christmas concert piece. I got the piano part and hopefully can play it along with the kids so they can practice how it will be when they play with the YSO.

We ate lunch at the park since it was a beautiful sunny day. I just picked up some sandwiches at the drive through and we took them to the field north of the golf course.


Next we went to swim lessons. O6 went first and worked on her breast stroke again. S8 had a “moving” lesson- Julie kept her going almost the entire time to start building up her endurance for swim team.

On the way home, we stopped at the craft store and picked up supplies for our homeschool Halloween party this Thursday.