Violin and Swimming 10-15-12

This morning we went to our 10:30 violin lesson at Miss Tina’s. S8 worked on Donegal Fiddles for symphonette, then did her G scale, ran through Stompin on the House, and played a little bit of Etude in the Suzuki book. O6 worked on Stompin also, then played Allegro and Perpetual Motion in Suzuki. At the end, a little girl named Genevieve came in with her mother, Melissa. Turns out they live somewhat near to us and wanted to observe the lesson. Gigi has just started violin, at age 3 1/2. O6 played Twinkle for her.

Next we went to swimming. Julie is really starting to prep S8 for swim team next summer. She talked about some of the things she will be doing as her coach and then they started working on butterfly. That is a really hard stroke and it’s amazing that S8 is learning it after less than two years of lessons. I think she will do very well. O6 is also coming along and worked on her breast stroke. She has the moves right but just needs to put them all together (arms plus kicks). We think it will come pretty quickly. They both are progressing very well with swimming.