Violin Small Group

Today, on top of their lesson earlier this week, the girls went to Tina’s and practiced with the rest of the beginner string students for the upcoming Christmas concert. This is S8’s third violin rehearsal this week, since she also had Symphonette on Tuesday. The girls enjoyed seeing some of their old friends and made some good progress on the concert music.

Math status report: S8 just finished Lesson 9 and O6 just did Lesson 7 in their respective books. We are well on track to finish the curriculum by the end of May, even though we got a late start (the books didn’t arrive until late Sept). I am very pleased with the Saxon program. It is repetitive (almost annoyingly so) and started out very slow, but the kids are cementing some good basic skills like calendar, time and money. They are thinking about math in practical ways (if Julie’s birthday is one week from today, when is her birthday?) and working with graphs already. I’m happy with the program for our one-on-one environment. I have to admit that it would be exceedingly dull in a classroom setting. It is very nice to be able to work at our own pace.