Violin and Swimming 10/01/12

This morning we met for violin at 10:30 again. I think this is a good time for us- we have a few minutes to eat lunch between our lesson and swimming, and it gives the girls a little break between activities.

At violin, O6 went first again and worked on her Christmas program music. She is going to play “Stomping on the House” and “Frosty”, among others. We need to buckle down and work on practicing since we’ll be playing the harmony part. The girls aren’t used to playing different parts in a group.

S8 did some sight-reading and did very well. She worked on the Nutcracker piece and also “Stomping on the House”.

We have to order violins for the kids from the Loft. They’ve both outgrown their current instruments.

After lunch, we went to swimming. O6 went first again and did a review of all her strokes, then worked on her whip kick for breast stroke. S8 worked on side stroke- not a competitive stroke, but it’s a lifesaving one and Julie would like her to know it.